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Fire Gunnebo Halotron-l
Fire Gunnebo Halotron-l
Fire Gunnebo Halotron-l
Fire Gunnebo Halotron-l
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Specification of Fire Gunnebo Halotron-l

Fire extinguishers fire-1 Halotron Gunnebo's Clean Agent (formerly called Chubb) is a product of very high quality.

Gunnebo is a brand that is famous for products firefighter / fire extinguisher. If you are accustomed to using fire kabakaran Merk Chubb, you must already feel the quality of this product, because the rebranding of Chubb became Gunnebo did not reduce the quality and performance.

Halotron-1 Clean Agent Fire extinguishers are very environmentally friendly because when usage does not leave residue substances. Kabakaran installation tool also has the advantage of this type and a good performance as a fire extinguisher (APAR) that is suitable for fire class A, B, C, and E.

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